Q: I love (no pun intended) these shirts, but I don't see [your phrase] on the site ... what do I do?
A: Do at least one of the following:

  • Search for the phrase to make sure we do not have it
  • Contact us if the phrase is not available and our designers can create it for you

Q: What is the difference between Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels on the products?
A: Products in each level vary in quality/style. The descriptions of products with these labels usually point out the quality/style increase with words like "classic-fit," "fashion-fit," "standard weight," and/or "heavyweight."

  • Platinum Level clothing is "Fashion-Fit," hugging the body. The sizes for Platinum level will usually run slightly smaller than other than Gold or Silver level clothing due to the Fashion-Fit or Form-Fitting cut. T-Shirt brands used for Platinum Level clothing are AlStyle and American Apparel.
  • Gold Level clothing is "heavy weight" clothing. The fabric is thicker and is more durable than Silver level. Gold level clothing will NOT have a "form-fit" like Platinum level clothing. Our Gold level clothing is printed on Gildan and Bella brand shirts.
  • Silver Level clothing is "standard weight" and/or "classic-fit." Although lower end quality, the clothing is still very durable. Most of our customers perfer Silver Level clothing for fundraisers, giveaways, samples, and other situations when you want the cost for your clothing to be less expensive. Our Silver level clothing is printed on Gildan brand shirts.

Q: I love (no pun intended) these shirts, is it possible to order in bulk?
A: Sure! Bulk pricing is available via contacting us. Bulk pricing will soon be listed on the products themselves. To purchase wholesale, please contact us.